Our Mission

The mission of Revitalize Mississippi is to provide assistance to neighborhood communities, the City of Jackson and State of Mississippi to help eradicate blight in Jackson. Abandoned dilapidated houses and blight are magnets for drug and criminal activity, and lead to lowering of surrounding property values, urban flight, and loss of tax base. Blight is a “cancer" that spreads and kills neighborhoods.

Revitalize Mississippi donates its services of lot cleanup (and demolition if needed) to the State of Mississippi, City of Jackson, or certain 501(c)(3) non-profit corporations with goals similar to Revitalize Mississippi. Regarding demolitions, Revitalize Mississippi will pay contractors to demolish dilapidated houses if 1) approved by the City of Jackson, Division of Community Improvement, or 2) the neighborhood stakeholder and future owner of the property wants the house demolished.

The net effect of our donation of services is to erase blight and to make acquisition of property more affordable for neighbors.