Blight eradication is an essential first step towards restoring vibrant neighborhoods. Blight elimination requires all partners (City, State, County, neighborhoods and private sector) working together; and revitalization must target and engage neighbors and communities directly. 

Blight is spreading rapidly and must be addressed aggressively.  In addition to the several thousand tax-forfeited, State-owned properties presently in Jackson, approximately 700 new tax-forfeited properties are struck off to the State each year. To date, cleanup efforts have hardly made a dent.

A major part of Revitalize Mississippi’s mission is to donate our services of lot cleanup and demolition of dilapidated houses to the State and City to address their blighted lots. This donation of services also serves to reduce the purchase price for neighbors who are willing and able to acquire those properties, returning them to the tax rolls and providing ongoing maintenance.

In addition to blight reduction efforts, Revitalize Mississippi intends to work with neighborhoods suffering from blight. Revitalize Mississippi will use its donations to fund creative and impactful projects to help neighborhoods succeed. These projects may include creek and green space beautification, neighborhood organization events, and data collection. 

Revitalize Mississippi also supports the Community Land Trust model, which is the fairest model for neighborhood revitalization, with control by the neighborhood and neighborhood stakeholders. In West Jackson, we are presently working with Pastor Jimmy Edwards and Rosemont Human Services to create a Community Land Trust, perform demolitions that are needed, and rehab houses that will be truly affordable for residents. In addition, with Construction Ministry, at-risk young men will be offered apprenticeships to learn the skills of rehabbing houses. Income generated by sale of these houses will stay in the neighborhood and be used to rehab other houses, create community gardens, playgrounds, etc.

We depend on donations to do this work, and would greatly appreciate your help and partnership with this effort. Many thanks!!